Back when I used Orkut to keep in touch with my friends from Brazil, a friend left me a message about me on my wall that read: "Alegria de Viver," which has since encapsulated what I've been trying to honor that ever since:  the will to live deliberately and boldly. 

After selling a small innovation consulting business in São Paulo, I decided to take a sabbatical to fully embrace my late traveling grandma's weird side. Somewhere between drinking Maranhão's distilled yucca and Amazon's mouth-numbing Jambú, I decided to create brands to elevate Brazil and its ingredients to where they belong, well beyond cheaply traded commodities that are far too costly to our precious biomes.

I developed XUA as an attempt to showcase the potency of all natural ingredients and their potential as means of enhancing our everyday lives. I have decided against any plastic packaging and source my ingredients from trusted and fair Brazilian partners. I have also made the commitment to start my ventures back in my hometown of Framingham, a thriving female-run city, home to inspiring companies like Bose and Staples and a particularly entrepreneurial  Brazilian immigrant community.